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Why is the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock the best?

It combines the best of both worlds - tents and hammocks. No other tent is as low-impact, lightweight, and flexible. And no hammock provides the protection from weather and flying insects that a BRCH does. Since the BRCH can also be used on the ground as a bivy tent when you can't or don't want to hang it, you have the most flexibility available in any kind of portable structure.

How do the spreader bars and arch poles work?

Spreader bars and arch poles are the heart of our patented system, based on years of field research. The spreader bars add strength and durability, and serve to open up the hammock, making it nice and roomy inside. They enable the occupant to stretch out and roll over, making it more comfortable than other 'parachute' style hammocks that confine you in a cocoon. Nylon inserts keep the ropes from fraying. The arch poles keep the canopy off your face, and keep the rainfly from touching the netting to prevent condensation.

How many ropes, straps, and poles does it take to hang your BRCH?

The whole thing sets up with just two ropes, webbing or better yet, our easy to use suspension straps. You only have to find two trees, poles, or sturdy uprights for hanging. Whatever you use, be sure to protect the tree bark. The rainfly attaches direct to the hammock, so no need to tie/stake off at multiple points like other tarps. The rainfly can be taken off or left on. If you're not using the rainfly, it can be used as a ground tarp for storing gear. If you can't find two trees, just use it on the ground as a tent; stake each end (you can even use sticks) and no additional poles, ropes, or straps are required. 

Where can I find instructions for the BRCH?

You can download them right here or watch the video for help setting up your hammock.

Lawson Hammocks from Sean Pruszkowski on Vimeo.


How weatherproof is the BRCH?

The BRCH is 100% bug and water resistant, from its no-see-um mesh netting to a full-size, detachable rainfly. The rainfly is seam sealed, and the whole hammock is urethane coated. We have had customers use our hammocks all over the world with great success - from researchers spending months in the South American rainforests to a lone canoeist spending a week in the Boundary Waters area.

Is the BRCH environmentally friendly?

If used per the instructions and set up as a hammock, the BRCH is extremely friendly to the environment. It will not harm trees or other sturdy objects used to secure the hammock, and it almost completely eliminates disturbance and destruction of underbrush. We also strongly support and are members of environmental organizations such as Leave No Trace, Sierra Club, and Outdoor Industry. We also ship our products Carbon Free; our partner, Verde Fulfilment, purchases carbon offsets for our shipments, ensuring they are carbon free.

Can you use the BRCH on the ground or as an open/regular hammock without bug netting? 

Yes to both. Ground/Tent: Set up just as you would as a hammock, but instead of connecting to trees, just stretch tight and stake the two ends (can use tent stakes or even sturdy sticks).

Open Hammock: take out/don’t use the arch poles and lay on top of the bug netting or flip the hammock over and lay on that side (still remove arch poles for this option).

What’s the best way to insulate for camping in cooler weather?

Our underquilt is the best option and is designed for our hammock, but also works great with all gathered end/parachute hammocks. Lining the interior of the hammock bed with a pad/blanket is also helpful. Space/emergency blankets work well too. Lastly, keep the rainfly on to help retain body heat.

I’m not used to hammock camping (or am used to gathered end hammocks) and don’t feel stable, what can I do?

Our hammock is extremely stable when setup/used properly. However, if you’re not used to hammocks or have been using gathered end hammocks (ENO’s, etc) that have a lower center of gravity, the BRCH will feel different and may take a few tries to get used to. Play around with different strap tensions and laying at different angles to figure out what works best for you. Some people like it as tight as possible, while other like more slack/sag (lowering the center of gravity). You can also stake down/tie off the four corner using cord by connecting it to the webbing tabs where the arch poles insert into the grommets. Staking/tying off diagonally under the hammock tends to work best.

Is there a way to lighten the load if needed for long distance/backcountry backpacking?

Yes. The easiest way and thing that makes the most difference is removing the spreader bars. This changes the “lay” of the hammock slightly, but it still lays flatter than other hammocks. To do this, just untie the black ropes where they attach to the hammock grommets, slide bars off and then retie same way. Other things you can do are just use one arch pole at the head of the hammock and eliminate the stuff sack and/or rain fly (if it’s definitely not going to rain or if you have another tarp).

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer the following One Year Limited Warranty:Lawson Hammock Co. warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of one (1) year from date of purchase. The product must be returned, freight prepaid, and with proof of the date of purchase, to the Lawson Hammock dealer from whom this product was purchased. If purchased direct from Lawson Hammock, please contact us via email or phone.

If after inspection we find that the product was defective in material or workmanship we shall at our option either repair or replace it without charge. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear or for defects caused by accident, abuse, alteration, misuse, or improper care.

There are no other express warranties beyond the terms of this limited warranty. In no event shall any implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, extend beyond the duration of the express warranty contained herein. In no event shall Lawson Hammock Co. be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. 

What are the velcro tabs inside, along the bed of the hammock for? 

For whatever you want! We added them in case you want to secure loose gear or blankets/sleeping pads. One way is to attach some shock cord to the tabs and run it tight over your blanket/pad (straight across hammock bed or at a diagonal), or slide your blanket/pad underneath the cord already in place.

Will the BRCH work for two people?

While technically a one-person hammock, we have lots of customers who like to use it with two people. It’s actually more roomy than other “2 person/double” hammocks on the market. It really depends on how big the two people are and how they like to sleep. Use good judgement and make sure to set up properly and follow guidelines/limits.

Do you have an ambassador program, offer Pro Deals or offer product to professional photographers, writers or gear testers?

We don’t currently have an official ambassador program set up. However, if you feel that you could substantially expand Lawson Hammock’s reach then please email us (info@lawsonhammock.com), tell us how, why your interested and please include examples and social media account info. If we feel you could be a fit, we’ll contact you direct and maybe offer you a nice discount! If you are a “professional” in some capacity and/or an influencer on social media (tens/hundreds of thousands of followers or more), please feel free to reach out with your information and proposal so we can consider it. We get lots of requests and can't always respond to each request individually, but if we’re interested, we’ll contact you.