Eric T, US Navy

I just returned from the Australian Outback. Not only were my friends jealous of my Blue Ridge camping hammock, they even tried to sabotage me because I woke well rested and ready to go to work while they were miserable after sleeping on the ground. If this hammock can withstand the rigors of a military exercise then it is good enough for use anywhere in my book. 

  • Joe Lockhart

    Your Blue Ridge camping hammock was a great success in the Peten Region of Guatemala. It was a great refuge against insects and rainstorms, I slept comfortably during the entire 3 week expedition in that region. Thanks once again for expediting my order.

  • Coco Forte

    Hello, I was camping in Hell's Canyon when an incredible wind, rain, and hail storm hit. I promised to write you a thank you note if I lived, which I did and besides I stayed dry and warm. GREAT TENT! Thanks!

  • John Mallia

    I had another summer of rip-roaring wilderness adventures in your hammock that I have been using for years. The rain came and the hammock scoffed at it. I tried a tent for one night, I prepared the ground, used a ground cloth, etc. What a disaster, I awoke in a predictable puddle.

  • Jeff Childers, Huntsville AL

    You said I would like my hammock and your were right! I love it. My first night out I was a celebrity with everyone in my group coming over to admire it. I love the quality and workmanship in this hammock.

  • Allen Berrett- CMSgt, USAF retired

    Just wanted to touch base. I have used your hammock for 4 seasons of backpacking. During our May trip two of us were using (blue ridge camping hammocks). During a 4 hour downpour and another 4 hours of steady rain, only the two of us stayed absolutely bone dry. Needless to say my son wants to receive a hammock for Christmas. Thanks for the well designed shelter!

  • Soldier of Fortune, Magazine

    Thanks a bunch. We slept in our hammocks for ten nights. We even used them as a bivy tent. We were totally comfortable. Waking up in the Amazon wilderness to the jungle sounds while suspended safely in a hammock is a pleasure few people get to experience. On the last night it rained non-stop for ten hours and all three of us were completely dry inside our hammocks. I regretted sleeping in a bed after the trip. Thanks.

  • Eli Rush, Nevada City, CA

    This is far and away the best-engineered hammock we have seen. We set it up just in time for a series of gully-washing storms. It was swinging in the intermittent but violent wind and rain for more than a week and not one drop of water got inside.

  • American Survival Guide

    The best jungle hammock made for the civilian market is the Blue Ridge camping hammock, made by the Lawson Hammock Company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Vic Rodrigue

    Used your hammock at Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham, Slept great and got plenty of rest. My friends called it a person pod, they slept on the ground and woke up stiff, not me. Thank again for a great product.

  • Jesse W

    I have loved my (blue ridge camping hammock) since the day I got it. I'm from Washington and do lots of camping and hiking. The hammock is just what I was looking for. The reason I really wanted it was for my time living in South and Central America. I have used it in Cuba, on a boat sailing to Belize and Guatemala. In jungles and on the beaches in Brazil for a year. In Bolivia I met the woman of dreams. We managed to live in it all way through our hiking trip in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. It was a tight fit but we just pegged it out on the ground. A couple kids ripped my rain fly in Bolivia, can I get another one before I leave for a year, I'm going to work at an orphanage in Guatemala.

  • Ryan W

    I bought a Blue Ridge camping hammock from you in 1990. I'm happy to say it is ALL I have used since! I go backpacking frequently in the mountains of Virginia in all seasons. I now bought a kayak and use the hammock for those trips as well. I was just checking to see if these hammocks were still being made and am happy to see they are but guess what? Mine continues to perform perfectly after all this time. My wife and I even use it on the ground as a tent. 
    Thanks again!

  • Paul

    I bought a camping hammock from you about a month ago and tried it out and I slept in it for 3 days in a row. I found it more comfortable then my bed to my wife's dismay. I wanted to try it out before I left for Central America. Now my friend is so impressed with it that he wants one too. Can you please send me another Blue Ridge camping hammock?

  • Dale K.

    I just thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I have been with your (blue ridge camping hammock). I have camped since I was knee high (58 now) and have never used anything quite like your hammock. I go in any weather and have been out in severe rain and rocky country and never a drop of water has sneaked in. This thing is great, good air circulation from the ends. 
    I just love this thing!

Backpacker Magazine


Best of Both Worlds: Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
We tried more than a dozen different hammocks over the past eight months. Verdict: Testers either love or hate these things. Only one model satisfied everyone: the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. Two reasons: 1) Collapsible "spreader bars" keep the hammock wider and flatter than with other models, eliminating the awkward banana curve common to the category. "Off the ground, there are no pressure points, so it's literally like you're sleeping on air," raved one tester; and 2) It can be pitched as a solo tent with integrated rainfly, so you'll never be caught hiking into the night looking for trees. In tent mode, it holds its own with other solo models, though it needed to be restaked to prevent the roof from sagging. Rigging is easy in both configurations.
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UK Preppers Guide


"I have chosen the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock system as my best all round camping and hiking hammock for several reasons..."


Product Review: Blue Ridge Camping Hammock for motorcycle camping!!
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American Outdoors


 Wide World

    A dream come true for campers, hunters, fishermen, whitewater rafters and kayakers negotiating the most difficult climates and terrain - a lightweight, weather-and-bug-resistant tent that you can string up between two trees? Surely not.


    Whether you want to use this one-man tent as an ordinary tent - ie. pegged down firmly on terra-firma - or you want to suspend it four feet above the ground between two trees like a, er, hammock, then the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is for you. This is a fantastic bit of kit. It fits into a large rucksack or straps to the top of a smaller one, is really light-weight at 4.25 lbs and you can kiss goodbye to bugs and critters bothering you at night (possibly not bears though, unless you string it 20 feet in the air between two trees, in which case you might have a bit of a problem actually getting into the thing).

    You'll sleep on a nylon pack-cloth bed and the rip-free nylon fly sheet will keep the rain off. It's dead easy to set up (just push a couple of poles together and string it up to two suitable tree trunks and you're away), and on the night we road-tested it, it stood up to the wind and 180lb (13 stone) load fantastically.


    Marvelous invention. Not sure quite sure I'll ever use a conventional tent again.

Sun Sentinel

Sun Sentinel

This hammock thinks it's a tent!

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Love To Know

LoveToKnow Camping was able to speak with Wes Johnson, the owner of the Lawson Hammock Company in Raleigh, North Carolina, about his amazing Blue Ridge camping hammocks!

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"The really cool part about the Blue Ridge Hammock is that it allows you to strap it between two trees and sway in the breeze as you fall asleep. When the Blue Ridge Hammock is on the ground, it almost becomes a full fledged tent."

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Gear Junkie


Pitch your sleeping quarters high off the ground with the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from the Lawson Hammock Company, a one-person sleep system that's lightweight, comfortable and weatherproof. Essentially a tent that hovers between two trees, the hammock has no-see-um mesh, poles to prop its nylon fabric taut, and a fly to enclose a camper 100 percent from the rain. The system allows campers to sleep in places not suitable for traditional tent camping, including wet ground and steep terrain. But if you want to sleep on the ground the hammock can be staked out as a bivy tent, too.
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Keep his day in the yard bug-free (well, insect free - no promises the kids won't bug him) with the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson Hammock. A traditional 'string from the trees' hammock, the Lawson Hammock company offers up a twist for dads who want to take the show out into the mountains.

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Full writeup:

Outdoor Republic

Outdoor Republic

Contrary to what many believe, hammock camping is not a new hobby, practice or phenomenon.
It has been around for centuries and has even been traced back to ancient tribal communities who preferred to
sleep off the ground for many reasons, primarily for safety. Our tribal ancestors were way ahead of their time!

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Cabin Life



Just like a ground tent, this one-person camping hammock with built-in mosquito netting and rainfly is a realistic option when you need to sleep a crowd (or just some adventurous types) at the cabin. Setup is quick & easy, and the shelter doubles as a ground tent. Plus, stocking up on a few of these may be cheaper than adding on a bunkhouse.

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Inch Survival

"one of those pieces of gear that you absolutely need to have on hand!"

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Appeared on Uncrate - "The Digital Magazine for Guys Who Love Stuff"

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Gear Junkie


Yesterday was National Hammock Day, so to celebrate, we headed into the Colorado foothills to test two camping hammocks.

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Outdoor Industry News

Lawson Hammock: The Most Versatile Camping Tent-Hammock in the World

Read the excerpt from the August Edition

Mens Journal

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock: The Best Sleeping Alternatives for Backpackers

Best for camping in places where tents can't go — like on a mountainside or a riverbed — or for otherwise upping your cool factor, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is as functional as it is fun...

The while write up available here

Gear of the Year

Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Lawson Hammock

The Lawson Hammock is a game changer. It’s a hammock that also functions as a ground tent (also called a bivy). This provides a level of adaptability that was previously unavailable.

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Hammocker Review

"A big thumbs up from Hammocker to the Lawson team. You have created a brilliant system."

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National Geographic

Getting the Hang of Hammocks

Tent-Hammock Hybrids

The beautiful things about a hammock is the ability to sleep anywhere you can hang it. This can be over very rocky and uneven ground, on a steep slope, or over a wet or marshy surface-basically anywhere setting up a tent would be very inconvenient. But without a vertical anchor system handy (trees), most of the items in the hammock system become nearly worthless. Enter the tent-hammock. As it sounds, these hammocks can be set up on the ground as tents when trees or other anchors aren't available. Lawson Hammocks based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Has been making the single-person, 4.25-pound, Blue Ridge Camping Hammock for a number of years for a very Competitive $169.