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About Lawson Hammock

Growing up on a pond where I spent my days swimming and fishing, I developed a life-long passion for the outdoors at a very early age. Living within relatively close proximity to various lakes, beaches and the mountains enabled me to explore this passion even more by providing easy access to incredible hiking, camping and water-sport experiences.

These experiences were the catalyst that lead to present-day Lawson Hammock Company. Running a company within the outdoor industry was a natural fit and allowed me to grow within an industry that resonated with me and that I loved.

Our flagship, patented Blue Ridge Camping Hammock was born out of a need for a versatile, unique, high-quality and comfortable camping alternative that wasn’t over-engineered, impractical, uncomfortable or lacking protection from bugs and the elements. What I believe to be the best, all-around tent hammock on the market has been validated by years of testing and by thousands of customers who love the product.

I hope to continue creating and innovating within the outdoor industry for years to come. Thanks so much for being part of the Lawson Hammock story as I couldn’t do it without your support. Happy hanging! 


Wes Johnson
Founder, Owner
Lawson Hammock     

Founded 2005
Lawson Hammock Company
Headquarters: Raleigh, NC
Shipping: Hebron, KY
Email: explore@lawsonhammock.com  

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