Lawson Hammock Company was founded in 1997 and built around the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. Being outdoor enthusiasts, we needed a tent that was lightweight, weatherproof, extremely tough, environmentally low-impact, and, most importantly, adaptable to a variety of terrains. Our search led us to the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, and we fell in love with it. Since then we have improved the product, patented it, and marketed it worldwide.

The BRCH is now being used by thousands of people in over 25 countries. From the jungles of Borneo to the coast of New Zealand, the BRCH has withstood the tests of time, weather, and other incidentals to remain the best camping hammock on the market. Visit our press page to see for yourself how people feel about theirs.

We've loved the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock for years, and we feel so sure that you will, too, that we offer a money-back guarantee on every BRCH. Thanks for trying us out, and continue to enjoy the good life!

Wes Johnson, Owner

Lawson Hammock Co
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